Ok so new project — the dreaded graded unit…

Going to be looking at Global Warming and the destructive effects people have on the environment.


Exhibition i saw recently at Aberfeldy. 

The exhibition is about a romance between two imagined characters, a botanist and a dressmaker.

“My work is primarily about imagined glimpses of others lives, memories and secrets, torn fragments, hidden layers, intimate hisories, often using the theme of quilts, journals and manuals as a vehicle.  I wish to convey something of this secrecy and mystery in my work”.


I really like this idea of an imagined relationship between two people, or the idea of an imagined life.

Mines and Sofies beautiful space…..im going to miss it



Final Piece – Envelopes contain 1 name. So there are 10 names..10 people i am most influenced by today.  This piece is not final — it could be outgoing, for as long or short a period i want. 

The envelopes are sealed with red sealing wax, with my fingerprints acting like the family crest or family seal.




Moved on from the personality development.  When i was younger my grandad grew chrysanthemums so his greenhouse and the flowers are something i always remember and provoke a strong emotional response.



Printing my fingerprint – a visual representation of my identity – onto the chrysanhemum petals.




One month after printing onto the petals. Constantly changing, but the fingerprints will stay consant.  Just like people will age and change – their fingerprints will always be the same.

Who makes us who we are is the title for my next project.  Been looking at personaliy and identity.  Got too much into personality development so trying to branch off a bit into something more personal to me.

Took these prints from my family. Mines and my dads are very similar and my sisters and mums are quite alike