I was reading an interview with Martin Creed, it was a 20 questions type of thing and he was extremely indecisive about pretty much everything.  It made me laugh, partly because he reminded me of myself and my indecisiveness towards my work. I really like this quote by Creed.  He seems very enthusiastic and I think everyone should have that same attitude. 

“To me it’s emotional. Aye. To me that’s the starting point. I mean, I do it because I want to make something. I think that’s a desire, you know, or a need. I think that I recognize that I want to make something, and so I try to make something. But then you get to thinking about it and that’s where the problems start because you can’t help thinking about it, wondering whether it’s good or bad. But to me it’s emotional more than anything else”. – Creed


Work No. 227 Lights going on and off


Owada (Martin Creed)  Nothing 1997