VICTORIA MORTON is a painter working with music and sculpture. Morton was born in 1971 and studied painting at Glasgow School of Art from 1993, which she followed with an MA before graduating in 1995. Whilst continuing to live and work in Glasgow, she has recently set up a studio in Italy where she has been creating new work. MORTON has had solos shows in Britain, Europe and the United States. From 1997 to 2001 Morton lectured in drawing and painting at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee.   

As well as exhibiting her own work, Morton has made collaborative work as a member of ELIZABETH GO with fellow artists Hayley Tompkins, SUE Tompkins, Sarah Tripp and Cathy Wilkes.

Her work reflects an interest in Renaissance and Old Master paintings from a personal point of view; she explores the historical development in painting, in both intimate and large scale works brimming with movement and colour. Morton takes inspiration from musical composition, she constructs work as self-contained life forms with the focus on the process of change and coming into being.

The canvas is ‘the point where inner thought and the outside world meet’ – Morton


Untiled 2003


Curiosity Action Crowd 2004


Inverted Careless Freedom 2003


This piece was from her exhibition at HQ in 2004.  Morton made a group of paneled free standing paintings designed to slightly alter the shape of the gallery.  The works introduced a sculptural element, extending Morton’s spatial investigations and her concerns with recognising the viewer as the centre of perception. I particularly like the vivid colours and the meticulous air of the painting.  Painting on a much larger scale is something id like to try in the future.