This is a sculpture by Maggie Hambling called ‘Scallop’.  It was made as a tribute to composer Benjamin Britten. The sculpture was unveiled on the beach just north of Aldeburgh in November 2003. The four-metre high steel sculpture was conceived by Suffolk-born artist Hambling, and made by Aldeburgh craftsmen Sam and Dennis Pegg.

The phrase “I hear those voices that will not be drowned”  is pierced through the steel, to be read against the sky. Images of wings rising in flight, swimming fish and the ripple of waves are all suggested by the work, whose scallop forms also recall ancient symbols of pilgrimage, Venus and the sea.

Maggi Hambling thinks of Scallop as a conversation with the sea. “An important part of my concept is that at the centre of the sculpture, where the sound of the waves and the winds are focused, a visitor may sit and contemplate the mysterious power of the sea,” she says.