i really like quilts and ive been thinking about making one for my bedroom.  recently decorated so ive been looking for inspiration. i love these two..


polly bennett


annie bendolph


All is well with the world, my book was waiting on me when i got home from college.  i really enjoyed the printing class today, i like printing alot and jennie introduced some good ideas that i might try in relation to my journey project, when i get time that is.  its only half past nine but im already shattered, so im going to bed, also i start work at half seven tomorrow boo.


a lithograph by Toulouse-Lautrec titled La Goulue.  im quite interested in lithography, we did a printing unit last year at college and i liked the lithograph print the most. heres two of my attempts, edited a bit ..


not really relevant to anything, but take a gander…


milo in fergie’s video. not really new information or anything, but its funny nonetheless. i love heroes, i also love…


zachary quinto who will be playing spock in the new star trek film. smashing. 

apparently heroes will be taking a year break after series two because they all have film careers now. noooo